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Keywords are shorthand explanations of common effects found in the game. Keyword explanation texts can be found on the card. Here you can read a little more about how various keyword effects work.


Activator Keywords - Keywords with a * icon means that its effect must be activated by a player, rather than passively happening. Another way to think about this, is that  


Ally Character Keywords

  • Transgress - Can attack Support Characters

  • Rally Call - effects triggered when a character attacks

  • Fortify - effects triggered when a character is attacked

  • First Strike - can go into battle on the turn that it is Played(acolytes or Party)

  • Range - may not be counter attacked.

  • Evade - Can only be attacked by characters with Range keyword (Can be damaged by counter attack)

  • Stealth - Cannot be targeted by attacks when untapped

  • Swift - activated when this card is played to the field

  • Alert - Cannot be targeted by Arsenal card effects or character skills

  • Battlefall - Effects triggered when a character is archived.

    • Battlefall effects take place immediately after a character is archived before any other effects are resolved


Acolyte Specific Keywords

  • Agile - Can be played on Obstructed positions

  • Promote - Archive Acolytes with the given requirements to play a card for free


Battle Keywords

  • Unblockable - Damage that does not take into account the defense of a character

  • Critical - Doubles the DMG that is dealt to a character after a battle interaction.

  • Piercing - If a defending character is staggered during an attack deal 1 HP

  • Aura Blight - +X for every Spell Card in the player’s Archive (Stacks)

  • Stagger- Deplete a characters DEF



Arsenal Card Specific Keywords

  • Cast - An effect that can be activated at a specific phase.

    • Cast effects are typically followed by a colon and the phase in which they can optionally be cast

  • Contravene - Negates 1 a keyword effect. (chosen upon activation)

  • Counter: may be activated from your hand on your opponent's turn

  • Pay - Effects that cost resources to activate. (does not require tap on champions)

  • Nest - Refers to placing a card underneath another card


Additional effects


  • Conjure - May optionally be played to the field facedown and activated on your opponent's turn.

*Conjured Spell cards require a CC slot. Pay the resource cost to activate conjured spells at the point of its activation.

  • Heavy - Requires two available CC slots to use.

*Arsenal Cards with this keyword occupy two CC slots

  • Lightweight - Does not require CC to play

    • Lightweight cards do occupy an arsenal slot space, but does not use up your available CC.

  • Obstruct - Cards cannot be played in this position

    •  (cards already on this slot remain until archived)


Champion Specific effects


  • Passive - Passive Abilities are not activated by the player. They are activated when the conditions of the effect description or escalation level requirements are met

*Players may not refuse to acknowledge or opt out of a Passive effects usage during gameplay..

  • Support - An effect that can be activated when a character is a support party member once per turn, or is passive while a support party member

  • Innate - Effects that require activation but do not require your character to tap.

*Players must express that they are activating an Innate ability and wait for their opponents acknowledgement before continuing.


Scenario Specific effects


  • Displace - Archive an opponent's scenario of the same type.

*The target player of this effect may choose which scenario to archive if they have multiple scenario cards of the same type.

  • Combo - Draw cards for every scenario you control of the same type as this card.

*Scenario level includes the scenario card that activates this effect .

Exchange - You May replace this scenario with a scenario in your hand

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