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Party Champions


Choose your Party and start on your path to victory

Party's can include up to four characters! Have a look at the current available choices catogorized by class.



Champion cards make up your party that you will take into battle!



Strength: Easily Buff your party members with Equipment cards. Deal large amounts of damage to single enemies and occasionally multiple enemies.


Weakness: Low card draw and low defense. 

Strategy: Warrior has one of the simplest and purest strategies in the game. Play Equipment cards to buff your warriors and deal massive damage when attacking. You can also rotate Acolytes into stronger acolytes through various combo methods. Warriors are great for getting early damage on enemies but are weakened when their equipment is destroyed.



Strength: Make your opponent second guess their decisions and stall their strategy with Character skills and spells. Ramp your mana quickly to cause massive damage using your mana resources as attack power


Weakness: Slow early game. Low defense stats. You must stall your opponents attacks with your spells to be victorious. 

Strategy: Mages can cause direct damage by using their resource pools, and do not heavily depend on their DMG stats for battle. Mages can become very strong later in battle, meaning that players must understand their deck mechanic thoroughly to be victorious.



Strength: Strong Defense. Strong Control.


Weakness: Slow early game. Weak Damage.


Strategy: Guardians must protect their support member of the team to be victorious. Once your defense is set, It becomes very difficult to overcome for most opponents. This patient gameplay strategy caters to players who want to slow the game down until they are able to activate their glass cannon strategy.



Strength: Quick attacks and wide board play. Strong early game. High synergy between Party Leaders and Acolytes for a “death by small cuts” style gameplay


Weakness: Low equipment and Spell use. Relies on skills and acolyte abilities to win


Strategy: Creatures must use their environment to be successful. Creatures overwhelm their opponents with many small attacks and by shutting down their opponents ability to defend. Creatures are not all powerful on their own and rely on other cards to unlock more dangerous abilities.